Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Relief Effort

Hello Here is an update email from our friends Manno and Prisca Laguerre in Pillatre, Haiti with Haitian Christian Ministries. Please pray for those affected directly and those who are there trying to help with very limited resources.

Grace and Peace,

Coram Deo!!!

Below are videos put together by my son who went to Haiti earlier this summer.

Goodmorning brother Phil;

I kind of receive your email late because I did not have a chance to check my box. Because of the problem of the earthquake, we don't have fuel in Cap. All the gas stations are closed by order of the government. They don't want people to stock while they are going to need for the hospitals, the radio stations, the TV stations and other emergency services.

Since we didn't know that was going to happen, we did not have anything save. What we had, we used it while the missionaries were there.

Thanks God, we are fine in Cap. The earthquake did not hit the northern reagion as bad as the west, south west and the south. Even thouwgh we felt it during the whole time. I was in my office with all the missionaries from Bloomington, Illinois trying to reschedule their flights after spending a long day at the airport of Cap-Haitian and not having the possibility to even board the plane to Port and on to Florida.

God have spared our lives because if it was not His intervention we would have been in Port-au-Prince with a group of about 16 people. Somehow He managed to make us spent all day there at the airport without letting us go.

We practically did not hit and our facilities here in Cap are still okay but as you may have noticed Port-au-Prince is where everything is. That's were the whole country goes to university and to find jobs. So thousands and thousands of family here in the north are affected. Personally, I have a young cousin, she is 25 yrs about who dies. She was at the celebration Sunday and she left Monday to go to schooll and I know of many other families who are hearting.

Many young people left the capital running home to cap without any of their belongings. We made several trips to help bring them home meeting them half way.

We cannot say what their needs are now except I know that they need a lot of prayers and they need counseling because they are in a state of shock. I have a pastor friend who dies also. Please pray for his family. His name is Lamerique Bienne

I will give you more info as I have them

Thank you for your concern and for your prayers support.


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