Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Prepare for India

As I prepare for India, there are so many things to think about as the time is approaching rapidly for me be heading to a place that I have been waiting to go to for about 2 years now.  I was taking a class with Covenant Theological Seminary back in 2007 when I had developed a problem with my back. 
Do you remember that? 
I had a ruptured disk, and I ended up not being able to walk and required surgery to remove the part that had ruptured out and to relieve the pressure on my sciatic nerve which was the cause of extreme pain.  That all happened around Thanksgiving time. 
So, I had to ask the school to give me about 6 months to recover and then finish my class, and they were quite gracious to me to allow me the extra time.  Then during that recovery time in the spring of 2008 I had been asked to go to India in March of 2009. 
After much prayer and feeling compelled by God, I decided that I would go, and that I would also prepare for this trip by taking a break from taking classes.  I also did not go to Disney World with my wife and kids since I would not have enough vacation time to do both trips. 
Then in about January of 2009, there were terrorist attacks in India, but not in the area where we were to be visiting, but nevertheless, everyone backed out on going.  So, then the trip was postponed until September and we were able to connect with another team out Christian Church out of Maryland, to share in this long anticipated mission experience. 
They are a medical mission team that will be putting on medical clinics at various places and they have asked me to help them since I have a medical background from when I was a Hospital Corpsman (EMT / Medic) in the Navy.  So, I guess I will be serving in two roles while I am there in India.  I will also be teaching or preaching at a Bible Study or at the Institute or Bible College, or whenever asked to do so. 
I was recently notified by Covenant Seminary that I was in jeopardy of being withdrawn as a student if I did not sign up for a class this semester.  But, considering the above events that have transpired, it was not possible for me to begin a class at this point nor was it feasible  during all these delays and set backs.  So, I asked if they would give me grace for one more semester considering the whole situation that I have written here.  They reviewed my plea for grace and they finally emailed me back and agreed to give me one more semester.
So, why am I writing all of this to you all?  I have no idea... 
Except for the fact that there must be a reason for why God has delayed my visit to India, and there must be a reason why things worked out they way they did.  I could sit here and complain how things didn't work out the way that I would have liked them to.  And I could have been angry with the whole situation and at one point I was a bit frustrated.  But, I'm looking forward so much to see the blessing that God has in store for me while on this trip to India and afterwards.
I think this all comes from one of my favorite subjects.  The Gospel.  And you are asking.... How so?  The Gospel message is so awesome and Grace is so amazing, that I cant help but be Grateful for what God has done and has been doing, and I anticipate what He is going to do, either in the lives of those we touch in India, or even in our own lives but ultimately I hope to share this same Gospel message.

Please be praying for our whole team as we join together and work together for the first time.  Pray that we will enjoy each other and we will be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in India and that we have an impact in the lives of these people, not just for time but for eternity.
Coram Deo!!!

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