Friday, August 07, 2009

India STM 40 Day Prayer Calendar

Dear Family and friends,
Thank you so much for your support for our trip to India that is
coming up in a little less than 5 weeks--40 days to be exact, tomorrow!
We covet your prayers for our team and the Central India Christian
Mission (CICM) that we will be visiting next month. We have made a
Prayer Calendar to introduce to you our short term mission team as well
as the different parts of the CICM ministry. Please print this out
(it's 13 pages!) and keep this where you can read it everyday and most
of all PRAY for us!

You will recieve a copy of our daily itinerary the week before we leave
so that you may see where we are and what we are doing everyday we are
in India. You will also recieve updates while we are are
our partners in the venture and we are thankful for your support!


2009 India STM team
Mountain Christian Church


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