Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Well it has been a strange summer for me.  Especially since I've been so busy with all kinds of new things going on.  Right now I'm in Oklahoma on my second day at my new job.  Everyone here has been very nice to me and I'm getting to know my way around the important areas like at work and at my apartment.  Now that I'm back into some kind of routine I'm hoping to keep up with my blog postings on a somewhat regular basis.  Soooooo...  Here is some thoughts that have been hitting my brain lately in the pursuit of "calling the church back to the Gospel."

Our church is currently searching for a new Senior Pastor and an Associate Pastor and we have had several people that have decided to go elsewhere to find another congregation.  But, for the most part the congregation and the leadership have not let that kind of thing bother them.  At least it doesn't appear to be too much of an issue at the moment and the staff members that are still with us have really stepped up to the challenge of carrying on with out 2 significant parts of the team.

Last Sunday was "Youth Sunday' and the music and prayer time was all done by the youth members.  The Youth Pastor did the preaching, and I was quite pleased with the message that was shared.  Usually, when someone mentions that a "Youth Pastor preached" it brings to mind that it was probably a good energetic message with a practical application for youth and there was probably and exciting video or prop used to go with the sermon.  But, this was not the case with this message.  As far as I'm concerned this is the kind of message that should have been preached for the past 9 years in this church.  Guess what the message was???  It was the Gospel, the great Commission it was God's Holiness and Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude.  Except he used the words we learned from camp: God, Sin, Jesus, Choice.  Which is basically the same pattern.  I think our leadership has a great model to look at in our Youth Minister.  If they can find a Sr. Minister that will preach the way that our Youth Minister has been preaching, God will surely be pleased to have the messages that He asked to be preached actually preached.  Although, this kind of preaching may be deemed impractical, and not relevant to our daily lives...  But, I would challenge that notion, especially since the Apostle Paul repeatedly preached Christ and Him crucified, the Gospel to Paul IS practical and out of that Gospel comes redemption, and out of redemption comes a life of grateful living in gratitude for what Christ has done for us.  Not just by His death.  But also by His LIFE that He lived in our place.  Grace is truly amazing, declaring us righteous before a Holy God.

Grace and Peace,

Coram Deo!!!

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