Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haiti Team Update 2

Hello Reform-Shire Friends,
Here is another update on the Haiti Mission Team.  Sounds like things are coming together very well and plenty of work yet to be done.  Praise God for the opportunity of bringing brothers and sisters together to prepare the way for the Gospel to spread.

Grace and Peace,
Coram Deo!!!

Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 8:59:49 AM
Subject: Haiti Team Update 2

Friends and Family,


We spent Monday transferring the lumber that had come in from the Dominican Republic from several classrooms to the multi-purpose hall and beginning to sand it to prepare for building the pews today.  The rest of the team came in last night from Indianapolis after a delay.  God has provided all the right people, equipment, supplies and attitude to get the job done this week for His glory and purpose.  We will begin to build the various parts for the pews today in work stations.  We are enjoying the opportunity to work alongside the church people as they contribute to the develop of the new church facility.  We are "gelling" together to form a unified team with others from the States and the local Brethren.   Please continue to keep us in your prayers as there is much work to get done over the next 4 days. We want to leave a positive impression for the people as we work hand in hand to accomplish God's work. We also plan to begin the soccer and basketball clinics in the afternoon from Wednesday to Friday to reach out to the kids of the school and community. The promotional team has been able to get some great footage of the ministry and is beginning to interview people involved and people within the community.  Thank you all for your prayers and support! 


Haiti Missions Team '09


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