Monday, June 15, 2009

Haiti Team Update 1

Hello friends,

Here is an email sent by the Haiti Team from our church as they begin their Mission trip to Haiti.  I have two sons Wesley, and Jesse) on this trip so I will be posting any status I receive and I hope to provide any pictures as they come in as well.

Please pray for this team and for the mission in Haiti.

Grace and Peace,
Coram Deo!!!

Subject: Haiti Team Update 1

Dear Prayer Partners, Friends, and Countryside Family:


The Lord has been with us in our travels, and we have all arrived safely in Cap Haitien, Haiti at Manno and Prisca's house. All our luggage and extra supplies for the week came through just fine. We went to see Pillatre yesterday and prepare for the work projects ahead. We are working well with the other group from Indianapolis.


Robert enjoyed playing guitar last evening with the worship team of the church as they practiced for Sunday services. We will be worshipping at Pillatre today. Then, we will be starting tomorrow to build pews, video tape promotional materials, and organize a basketball and soccer clinic for the kids in the afternoon. Thank you for your prayers and support. Love to all!


Haiti Missions Team '09

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