Wednesday, March 04, 2009

immediate prayer request

Michael Parks is with Global Hope Networks and reports his latest visit to Myanmar.
Coram Deo!!!

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Once again I ask for your prayers

I apologize for a double send of the previous message.  Sheri sent it out while I was in Myanmar because I was unable.  Now I am in Bangkok and accidently resent it. 

So…greetings from Bangkok where the internet is much better and less controlled and Text Box:  monitored.

Here's a quick trip update.

Our team in Myanmar are great men and women of God.  They take the challenge of going out helping the poor seriously.  The cyclone Nargis killed so many people and caused so much damage that the effects will be with them for many years.  Because of the crisis the Body of Christ was given a door of opportunity to be living examples of the love of Christ.  The delta region had been closed to them for many years and there was no witness of the Good News to the Buddhist people there.  Even though they themselves lived in extreme poverty and suffered loss from the storm they banded together ready to help the most desperately suffering, but they were ready to go they needed help,  that's where you came in.  We partnered with a network of house churches and enabled them to go where you or I could not.  Now over nine months after Nargis the people are very thankful to us.

One of our workers who is now living in village we have been helping told us the people come to him saying, "If you would have come to Text Box:  us just to tell us about Jesus we would never have believed you.  But after you have helped us we know that your God is a living God and we want to believe in Him."  The hearts of many are opening to the love of Christ.  Please continue to pray!

Many children became orphans after Nargis.  While on the villages people begin asking our team to help many of these children.  Many had no where to go, the people in the village, who themselves were victims and severely suffered the loss of all things, had no means to care for them.  They pleaded with them to take the children and care for them.  Thus they opened The Fathers House.  Today they care for about 30 children and will increase that number to 50 soon.  Please pray for the precious babies as they were so traumatized.

I invite you to join with us to help the orphans

Orphan house  Build a bamboo house for the orphans.  There is an urgency here in that the city is making them leave the current home they are in.  We have land outside the city we can use to co-locate the orphan house, pig/fish farm, and agriculture projects.  We need to raise a total of 5000$ to build a bamboo house.  A gift of 50$ will go a long way to help this children. .  Please pray and if the Lord leads then click it!

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I am on my way to Afghanistan .  These are troubled times for this strong and wild country.  I will up date you in my next email (since this "short update" became longer than expected J)

Please keep my family in your prayers.

God bless you




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