Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prayer Request

Here is an update from Global Hope Network.  Please pray for them and this situation in Afghanistan and please also pray for those being persecuted in India.

Grace and Peace,
Coram Deo!!!

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We work in some of the hardest and most dangerous places on earth.

I want to share with you an "incident report" from Afghanistan , the type which I get every day.  

This situation you will read is a common event our staff, other faithful aid workers and the folks who live there face every day.

After you read this say a prayer for the people there who want to live a normal life, send their children to school to be educated without the fear of some terrorist seeking to kill them.

I see these reports every day and face them when I am in country but our staff and the people who live there face this often.

So for a moment try to put yourself in place of the mother or father or student…trying to live a normal life…yes, it is different from you or I, but like you and I, they want the same basic things in life…education, medicine for their children, food for their family, safety as they and their sons and daughters try to work, go to school, or buy groceries…in common public places.



Location:                   Khost Province , Khost City , Khost Technical High School

Incident type:            Attempted BBIED

Date/Time:               15 November 2008, 1440hrs

Report Source:          OTHER

Information:              A person entered the school premises and threw two grenades which detonated, causing some damage but no casualties. The assailant was then fatally shot by ANP and found to be wearing a suicide vest.

Assessment:              This incident comes the day after a SVBIED attack in the city and follows the shooting of three engineers in the neighbouring district of Mando Zayi on 13 November 2008. It also follows the killings of teachers in two separate incidents in the province in mid-October, and illustrates the threat against education facilities in the province as well as being part of a more general increase in AOG activity in and around Khost City .

Advisory:                   Any NGOs working or travelling in and around Khost should recognise a clear increase in threat level, as well as a shift in the nature of threat from AOG attacks against security forces to a wider range of risks such as those demonstrated in the past 72 hrs.



Regional Safety Advisor- East

Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO)


Though we have our "Columbine" incidents, in Afghanistan it is a regular incident that some diabolical person is trying to blow up a girl's school, high school, market place…

But God…Who is great in mercy and grace is working in the hearts of many to bring peace and hope to a generation that has only known war and terror.  So don't grow weary in prayer for those who are seeking peace in a perverse and dangerous time.

I thank the Lord for your faithfulness to pray for our friends and for us.

God bless you!




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