Friday, October 03, 2008

Please Be Patient - Under Construction

Hello my Reform-Shire friends. I've been having problems with my postings not appearing for everyone on their computers so to some people it may look like I've been a real slacker and have not been posting for a very long time. So, I've re-formatted my blog. So you may notice a few things different and a few things missing. So, I hope to tweak it as I go, and continue to post as well. Thanks for putting up with these changes. Please do me a favor and if you see a new post leave a short comment ("comments" are an improved feature as well... I hope) even if it is to say hi and to let me know that you can view that posting. Thank you very much and God Bless. Grace and Peace,
Coram Deo!!!


CalvinNo5 - Chris Allen said...

Testing, testing, 123...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I see and have read most of the new info you've posted.
Gary Cryer