Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Parks Family Update

Here is a man that travels all over the world where and when the need is greatest. 
I thought I would share one of the many emails that he sends to let us know where his is going and where he has been.  Sometimes, he will send urgent emails when he is in immediate danger or the people that he is trying to help are in danger.  This is a great servant and family to pray for and to support.

Grace and Peace,
Coram Deo!!!

Here is a quick update from the Parks Family

I know I am overdue on a newsletter and will get one out as soon as...


Micah Garrison Dean Parks is an awesome baby!  He is now a 9 week old chubby little boy who loves to smile and lets out a laugh every now and then.  Sometimes when we hold him he has an amazing beautiful peaceful look that melts our hearts.  Sometimes he tries to talk and all of us just love it.  He only fusses when he is hurting or poopy…just like his dad.  I forgot how fast a new born grows!  All the other kids love Micah.  Carlos is great at stepping in and helping with Micah…watching him, holding him…we are still working on the changing diaper routine…Ilana and Josiah are always playing with Micah.

Carlos finished his first US soccer season.  He is enjoying and doing much better in school here in the US and at midterm had four A's and one B!

Ilana is in 2nd grade and loves school and homework (go figure!  This is definitely not like here dad). 

Josiah is in kindergarten and says school is ok, its all the rules that crimp his style.  He is a very sharp kid…but he seems to have a driving need to put a Josiah touch to all things.  

Sheri is doing great and spends most of here time caring for kids and doing homework.

I spend my days resting and taking it easy…NOT.


For me: currently I am on my way to India where we are going to kick off our computer training center in Dumka and visit our agriculture project in Dhoker Jhara, both about 150 mile north of Calcutta.

I have attached an overview of the projects for you.  With these projects we will help many find freedom from the oppressions of poverty and help many know the truth that will bring true freedom to their lives.  Please take a minute to look at the project overview, see what we are doing and pray for the people of this region.

You may have heard of the persecution of Christian is India .  Much of it is happening around Orissa.  This is a horrific situation as believers are being beat and killed, their homes and property destroyed by radical Hindu mobs.  Please pray for these dear believers.  This is a very difficult and dangerous time for many.


Have you noticed how they world continues to grow in uncertainty, violence, and fear?  In fact we are feeling some of this at home with the financial mess, the political climate, wars, foreign armies on the move, and the prevalent threat of terrorism at home and abroad.  All this reminds me of the words of Jesus when he said, "Let not your hearts be troubled…"  and remembering the condition for non-troubledness?  "…You believe in God, believe also in me…"  I, as a follower of Jesus have no reason to live a life with a troubled heart.  There is a peace that is not like the world give, a peace that passes understanding, a peace rooted in faith in the eternal God who deeply knows and loves his children and has a plan for good and not for evil for us.  these things must be, no matter who is at fault our first step out of the blocks is to build our relationship with God before all else.  


If you want to know more about our projects and how you may be able to join with us drop me a note at

We also ask that you prayerfully consider joining with us financially.  We have been blessed by many friends joining in to help us with the move and this has been a great help.  But the move and having a baby and school…takes its toll.  So if you would like to join with us financially please click this link DONATE  


More to come soon

God bless you



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