Monday, October 06, 2008

In the INN: "The Courage to be Protestant"

Considering this year's "Program" that my church is going through, and the sermons that are being preached subsequently with this year's program. This week on the White Horse Inn is a very timely and relevant radio program being presented. I would highly recommend that you listen. And ask yourself if what they say is true. Look back through history and see how much the church has changed through the different fads and phases. Look at Charles Finney, Hal Lindsey, Christian Right, Christian Coalition, Bill Hybels, Promise Keepers, Prayer of Jabez, Purpose Driven, Emergent / Emerging Church, and in our realm we now have a flavor of Emergent Church-isms.... Living a Life on Loan / Externally focused church. In other words "Deeds not Creeds".
All of these phases of the church have forgotten:

1) The Holiness of God

2) The Sovereignty of God

3) God's Judgment
4) God's Gospel

And many doctrines that tell us more about God and how He saves us through His Son.

Grace and Peace,

Coram Deo!!!

In the Inn...
Join us for the 2008 series "Christless Christianity"

The Courage to be Protestant

Listen Now: "The Courage to be Protestant"

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The Skinny God
by David Wells

Whose Orthodoxy?
by Michael Horton

This Unique Moment
by by David Wells

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