Monday, September 25, 2006

Click Here for Video: A Life of Gratitude - Unknown on Earth.... Famous in Heaven!!!

True story of one man on George street who witnessed faithfully. Most on this earth may not know him, but I tell you that in heaven, he is more famous than any celebrity, and I admire and respect what he has done while alive on this earth. Mr. Genor from Sydney, Australia.

Before we start praising this man too much, we have to remember the sovereign providence and Grace of God. As marvelous a story this is about one man reaching people for Christ all around the world from George Street in Australia. We must realize that far more marvelous is God delivering these people to this man to use Mr. Genor to reach every tribe and tongue and nation. Remember, Jesus said "I will build my church". So, whether the rest of us do our part or not... whether we tithe, evangelize, or study our bibles... No matter how lame we are as a church in our country.... God will still go on building His church. And He gets all the Glory. Mr. Genor wasn't trying to do anything but be faithful. He only wanted to show his gratitude to God by telling as many people as he could about Jesus Christ his Savior.

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