Wednesday, March 01, 2006

About the Broadcast on the White Horse Inn

I thought those interviews on the 02-26-06 broadcast (especially the first two) were very interesting (for a second I thought the guy was going to say that the Dali Lama was a better Christian than Jesus was). These interviews were done at an Evangelical Church (I assume in California).
The first interview was a lady who understood that the Bible claims Christianity as being exclusive, but she didn't agree with it or wanted God to be "more loving" to allow the "Good People of the Earth, and some bad people that are coming around, into heaven".

The second interview was a gentleman who was next to the first lady and he said that "the Dali Lama were better Christians than most Christians he knew". (something to that effect)

I wonder if you would get the same kind of responses if you were to ask the same questions in the Midwest like in Kansas.
I hear "Safe American" sermons that still ignore the fact that we in the church are sinners too. For example, the preachers here (and even the guest preachers) will get into what I call the "Name that Sin Game". They will only point out the sins that are viewed as extremely terrible to people in the Midwest (i.e. homosexuality, abortion, pornography, democrats, etc.) Kind of like the Pharisees pointing out the sins of the tax collectors.

The other ironic thing is they claim to be loving because they are burdened by having to be preaching on such difficult subjects, when all along they are preaching subjects that they will get a lot of agreement and nods (nods of agreement rather than nods of falling asleep) and some hardy "AMENS" from the audience. After all we're American Christians and we just won't stand for that kind of sin in our country.

Rather than if they were to preach that we are just as wretched and sinful as a prostitute and all those other sins that we like to name, and that we are ALL guilty and ALL in need of Grace to miss the execution of God's Wrath.
But, the truly difficult things that they wont preach on is God's Holiness, God's Righteousness, a God of Wrath, a God who Elects, a God who Predestines, and Certainly they won't preach the Gospel because that is preaching that we only do to reach those awful sinners outside the chruch.
You never hear about sins like "Not loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength... And loving your neighbor as yourself".

I get the impression that they think that they can actually do those two greatest commands and do them well. And maybe even perfectly.

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Coram Deo!!!

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