Monday, November 21, 2005

The Message Translation

Below is an Email to Phil Johnson (Grace Community Church).

Hello Phil!

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the Message Translation.

Or as the White Horse Inn puts it the "Massage Translation".

What is your view on this? I don't like that it is called a translation. It seems to have taken the edges off of some significant words in the bible like in Romans 8: the word Predestination, and in Ephesians 1: Election is not to be found. And In Romans 1:17 you don't see that "The Just shall live by faith".

It just seems like these words that we are used to using are more precise. It is also hard to tell where actual translation has taken place whether word for word or thought for thought. And to distinguish where added thoughts and paraphrasing is taking place by the translator.

It is also interesting that it doesn't seem that Mr. Peterson had anyone or a group of people holding him accountable for keeping "The Message" translated accurately.

Thanks for your time.

Grace and Peace,


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